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The Council of Presidents (COP) maintains a small office in Olympia, Washington to provide limited space for staff and legislative liaisons. The office also hosts a number of higher education policy meetings.

COP Committees


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Directions to COP Map to COP office

Council of Presidents address:
410 11th Ave. SE., Suite 101
Olympia WA 98501



  2. Take the off-ramp to the light, remain in the right hand lane.
  3. Turn right onto Jefferson St. SE at roundabout.
  4. At the 2nd light turn LEFT onto 11th AVE SE. and take an immediate right into our parking lot.



  2. Stay in the left lane on the off-ramp to 14th AVE SE.
  3. Merge to the right lane, turning right onto Jefferson St. SE at roundabout.
  4. At the 2nd light turn LEFT onto 11th AVE SE. and take an immediate right into our parking lot.


* Parking for COP visitors is available in the designated COP parking spots or visitor parking at the front of the building.

** Enter the south entrance; COP is the second door on the right before the stairs.



COP Staff


Paul Francis, Executive Director
(360) 292-4101


Julie Garver, Director of Policy & Academic Affairs
(360) 292-4102


Darshan Robertson,
Senior Executive Assistant
(360) 292-4100




Brief History

In 1961 the presidents of the two state universities and three state colleges resolved to informally meet on a regular basis in order to develop a systematic agenda for their discussions and to assume the role of participants in a continuing Council of Presidents. COP also gave consideration to a variety of business, fiscal, and budgetary procedures which it was hoped would contribute to the efficiency of operation of the institutions and to the equity of the financial support received by them. The Council adopted as the means for confronting such matters the appointment of four interinstitutional committees: business officers (with seven subcommittees: architects and physical plant administrators; budget, accounting and reporting; housing officers; personnel officers; purchasing agents; retirement and insurance officers; and space analysts); credit hour cost analysis; student financial aids; and extension and continuing education.

In 1963 the Washington State Senate adopted Senate Resolution EX-14 in recognition of efforts already made by the institutions.

COP was formally established in 1967 as the Interinstitutional Office of Business Studies, with the first office location on the University of Washington campus in Seattle.  When The Evergreen State College opened in 1969, the office relocated to Olympia to take advantage of the close proximity to state government.

In 1973 the name of the office was changed to the Office of State College and University Business Affairs to reflect the scope of responsibilities in which the staff was involved. The title of Office of the Council of State College and University Presidents was adopted in 1975 as broader issues of responsibility were assumed with respect to academic and legislative matters.

In 1981 our current title emerged in a formal interlocal cooperation agreement.  In 1985 the office moved from the campus of The Evergreen State College to the northeast capital neighborhood in Olympia, where we presently reside.

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