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Bill Number Assignments

The Daily Status Report lists all the bills in numerical order and indicates their current status. The Bill Information page always contains the most recent Daily Status Report. 

The report uses certain symbols or abbreviations to indicate type of bill, who requested the legislations (in addition to a Representative or Senator), whether the bill has a fiscal note, whether it has a companion bill, and the current status.

Find the definition of symbol for the following columns:

  * Status changed by previous day's business
H or S Denotes a House or Senate action
FP Final Passage
Rules 2G
or Rules 3C
Bill eligible to placed on Floor Calendar (for debate during floor session)
Rules R
or Rules C
or Rules 2
In Rules Committee
Rules X Bills which the Rules Committee has determined are no longer eligible for consideration because of the terms of a cut-off resolution. (Further resolutions can change that status.)
H 2nd ReadSCal Bill on House Suspension Calendar (scheduled for floor debate and will likely not be amended)