Dual Credit Resources

To find out more about dual credit and Washington’s public four-year college and universities see the resources below.
If you have questions, please contact: Julie Garver, Director of Academic Affairs and Policy, Council of Presidents, jgarver@councilofpresidents.org, 360-292-4102

Washington’s Public Four-year College and Universities

Washington Statewide Information

Each of Washington’s public four-year college and university has equivalency tables that identify how course credit from another institution will transfer. It is highly suggested students reach out and talk with an admissions contact regarding any questions.

AP/IB/Cambridge Equivalencies

Equivalency Guides:

Frequently Asked Questions by Program:

Additional Resources: 

What’s in a Baccalaureate Degree?
OSPI Dual Credit
High School and Beyond Plan

To learn more about dual credit at Washington’s community and technical colleges, contact the dual credit coordinator at the college you’re interested in attending.