Grow: Schools and Districts

Washington’s public four-year college and universities are committed to aligning, through partnership between higher education and K-12, a student’s high school pathway to higher education opportunities, to ensure students have a successful start to their college experience, and to clearly and effectively communicate with students, families, counselors, principals, superintendents, districts and schools about opportunities and considerations. 

We believe Washington students participating in elementary, middle and secondary education are building an education foundation to support their college and career goals after high school.  Students are the builders of this foundation, a foundation which should value and reflect a diverse coursework and the whole student including hobbies, clubs, sport, and community services.

Dual credit programs offer a bridge between K-12 and higher education that gives students a strong start in their first year of college. Participating in dual credit also provides students with an opportunity to explore their educational and career options.

What to Know about Washington’s public four-year college and universities:

  • We support multiple pathways and programs that provide college and preparatory college experiences for students in high school
  • While students may earn college credit in addition to high school credit, Washington’s public four-year college and universities believe the experience of participating in a dual credit course provides value in the experience, preparation and exploration. Students will gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience even if they choose not to take the exam. 
  • College credit earned through College in the High School and Running Start are generally transferrable to Washington public colleges and universities. For equivalencies see Resources.
  • We have developed and implemented established coordinated, evidence-based policy for granting as many undergraduate college credits as possible and appropriate for a score of 3+ on Advanced Placement exams, 4+ on Higher- and Standard-Level International Baccalaureate exams and E/e+ on Cambridge A- and AS-Level exams.

    If your school or district would like to offer dual credit programs or expand your current offerings, the first step in learning more about dual credit is to reach out to a college or university. They will have great information about current programs and what courses you should consider based on your college and career goals. 

    More to explore! To learn more about dual credit options, visit our resources page.