Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program (WAGAP)

The Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program (WAGAP) supports a college-going culture and guaranteed admission efforts at Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, University of Washington Tacoma, Washington State University and Western Washington University. Together, and in partnership with our communities, we are committed to meeting the college and career goals of Washington students to increase access and credential completion in Washington through WAGAP.

WAGAP is focused on students in the 11th and 12th grades. Through data sharing partnerships with Washington school districts and schools, the participating institutions engage with high school juniors to ready them for college and familiarize them with college admissions and high school seniors to apply through guaranteed admissions or, if not eligible, through the general admissions process.

Participating School and District Partner List for the 2022-23 Academic Year


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For Students and Families

The Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program (WAGAP) lets you learn if you’ll be admitted to Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, University of Washington Tacoma, Washington State University or Western Washington University before you even apply! We partner with your high school to make sure the following criteria are met:

  • You have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • You have completed or are on track to complete by fall 2024 all the College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADRs)
  • Your school has an agreement with the participating universities and college to be part of the program

If all of these are true, we can guarantee you will be admitted to all six participating Washington four-year, public institutions.

WAGAP Student & Family Postcard

I was admitted through the Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program (WAGAP). What happens next?

You have three key steps to take to make sure everything is set:

  1. Fill out the Common App. Colleges and universities are required to collect some additional information, and we want to make sure you are considered for eligible scholarships.
  2. Send your unofficial transcript to make sure all your high school classes are complete or in-progress.
    • You can upload your transcript in the Common App or you can have your high school send your transcript to the college or university you are considering attending.
  3. Complete the FAFSA or WASFA by Feb. 1.
    • A FAFSA or WASFA (for students not eligible to complete a FAFSA) are required to help you qualify for most federal and state financial aid. Every bit counts and can help pay for your education!

Once you complete the Common App and send your unofficial transcript, you’ll receive a formal admission packet in the mail. The packet will describe what happens next. Please contact institutions if you have questions.

Welcome to Washington’s public, four-year institutions!

For Counselors

The Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program (WAGAP) lets high schools share student data with participating public, four-year institutions so that college and universities can admit students before they complete an application for admission. The program is focused on increasing access and credential completion in Washington by letting students know they’ll have a home at a college in Washington.

Washington public universities participating in WAGAP include Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, University of Washington Tacoma, Washington State University and Western Washington University.

Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program (WAGAP) Student Requirements

Students need to meet two criteria to be eligible for guaranteed admissions:

If a student meets the criteria or is on track to meet the criteria by fall 2024, they are guaranteed admission to all six participating institutions. Students eligible who receive guaranteed admission must supply additional data as part of supplemental admissions application. The institutions are required by law to collect this additional data. Students are encouraged to engage in challenging high school coursework and maintain their high school GPA during their senior year to meet the guaranteed admission criteria.

If you have a students who are not eligible for guaranteed admission but who want to go to college, are thinking of college or have not considered college, there is a place for them in Washington at one of the state’s public, four-year institutions. We want to welcome all students to our institutions. 

For students who are not guaranteed admission please encourage them to apply to college. To apply to one of Washington’s public, four-year institutions students should follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit your official application for admission. Students that apply early are more likely to receive scholarships, have their financial aid ready, and are more prepared for college.
  2. Complete and submit additional requirements identified by the college or university.
  3. Learn more about financial aid and how to complete the FAFSA/WAFSA, visit the Washington Student Achievement Council.
How Districts and Schools Participate in WAGAP

New school and district partners are encouraged to participate in the Washington Guaranteed Admission Program for 2023-24! The deadline to participate is September 30, 2023. If you have questions email Julie Garver at jgarver@councilofpresidents.org.

Program Summary | Data Submission Guidelines | Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)

For Partner Schools and Districts

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Program Summary | Data Submission Guidelines | Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)

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WAGAP Upload Instructions | WAGAP Template Data Guide |11th Grade WAGAP Eligible Template | 12th Grade WAGAP Eligible Template

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