COP regularly convenes a myriad of groups to share best practices, promote efficient and effective instruction and operations, and cooperate in the development of public policy.

COP Committee & Workgroup Meeting Organization

  • BAR (Budget, Accounting & Reporting)
  • Benefits Officers
  • Campus Safety Officers
  • Capital Budget Officers
  • COP (Council of Presidents)
  • Diversity Officers
  • ICAO (Interinstitutional Committee of Academic Officers)
  • ICAPP (Interinstitutional Committee for Academic Planning)
  • ICBO (Interinstitutional Committee of Business Officers)
  • ICIR ( Interinstitutional Committee of Institutional Research)
  • ICLO (Interinstitutional Committee of Legislative Officers)
  • ICUS (Interinstitutional Committee for Undergraduate Studies)
  • IPOC (Interinstitutional Committee of Personnel Officers)
  • ICORA (Interinstitutional Committee of Registrars and Admissions Officers)
  • ICSSO (Interinstitutional Committee of Student Services Officers)
  • Budget Officers
  • Graduate Deans
  • Veteran Center Directors
  • WHETC (Washington Higher Education Technology Consortium)
  • Workforce Directors