For over 50 years, Washington’s public baccalaureate institutions have collaborated with the state’s community and technical colleges and private, non-profit baccalaureate institutions to identify and respond to emerging issues as well as to find opportunities to reduce barriers for all transfer students. The backbone of Washington’s statewide transfer is the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree and the Associate of Science – Transfer (AS-T) degree. All major related programs (MRPs) statewide transfer agreements are based on the structure of the DTA or the AS-T. The public baccalaureate sector participates in the state’s nine major related pathways within the DTA and AS-T agreements ranging in areas from pre-nursing to computer science.

In addition, institutions have developed articulation agreements with other two- and four-year, public and private, non-profit colleges and universities both in Washington and out of state to facilitate transfer from one institution to another.

Our institutions rank 2nd in the nation for the proportion of community and technical college students who finish bachelor’s degrees after transferring to a four-year college or university. More than 80% of Washington community and technical transfer students attend a public Washington four-year institution. Nearly 40% of the graduates of the Class of 2016 from Washington’s public baccalaureate institutions began their education at a community or technical college.