Forty Percent of Washington Public School Districts Join Forces with State Four-Year Institutions to Boost College Aspirations in Washington

Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program Enters Its Third Year

Washington state is sending a resounding message to its students: if you dream of earning a bachelor’s degree, there’s a place for you at one of our state’s public baccalaureate institutions. This powerful message is being disseminated by a coalition of Washington’s school districts, baccalaureate institutions, and schools through the Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program (WAGAP).

Joining Forces for Student Success

This fall, an impressive cohort of nearly 130 school districts and schools, spanning all nine education service districts, has teamed up with Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, University of Washington Tacoma, Washington State University, and Western Washington University as part of the Washington Guaranteed Admissions Program. The primary objective of this collaboration is to reach students who may have never contemplated pursuing a college education or didn’t consider themselves college-ready. Together, they are committed to nurturing the college and career aspirations of Washington’s students.

A Pathway to Higher Education

WAGAP serves as a vital pathway for students to explore admissions options, opening doors to multiple paths for college enrollment, including general admissions. Moreover, the program continues to reach out to 11th-grade students, ensuring that valuable information is accessible to students and their families at an earlier stage. This innovative initiative presents a collective response to the challenges faced by Washington. By closely collaborating with K-12 partners, Washington’s public four-year institutions are proactively engaging with students who initially had no plans to pursue higher education. They are removing obstacles and broadcasting a clear message: Washington’s public four-year institutions eagerly welcome Washington students, and Washington students have the opportunity to pursue higher education.

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