Washington Public Four-Year College & Universities COVID-19 FAQ

UPDATED 09/22/2021

Washington’s public baccalaureate college and universities are committed to easing COVID-19 related disruptions so as not to disadvantage students’ ability to strive for and attain an education at a Washington public four-year college or university.

The following questions and answers only pertain to Washington’s public four-year college and universities: Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College, University of Washington, Washington State University and Western Washington University.

Prospective Students for Fall 2022 and Beyond

What are the deadlines for undergraduate admission to a public four-year college or university for fall 2022?

Deadlines and contacts for fall 2022 undergraduate first-time, first-year student admissions to Washington’s public four-year college or universities may be found here.

It is important to note that for many of the institutions these are “priority” deadlines. Priority deadlines are dates set by colleges and universities by which applications are given the most consideration. Priority deadlines precede regular decision deadlines. However, Washington’s public four-year college and universities may continue to accept applications beyond these initial deadlines.

Here are the home pages for the offices of admission at each college or university:

We strongly encourage students who have applied or are considering applying to enroll in one of these nationally recognized public four-year institutions.

What flexibility have institutions considered for fall 2022 undergraduate applicants?

Washington’s public four-year institutions understand that COVID-19 has been extremely disruptive for all students, whether you are in high school or college. Therefore, commit to not disadvantaging any 2022 fall applicant due to the pandemic’s effects. We have worked with our partners at the State Board of Education and the Washington Student Achievement Council to integrate flexibility into high school graduation requirements and minimum college admission standards where necessary.

With respect to transfer students, we continue to closely work with Washington’s community and technical colleges to ensure a seamless transfer pathway for all to attain their educational and career goals. We are proud of the fact that 40% of all bachelor’s graduates from Washington’s public college and universities start at a community or technical college. Additional information on community and technical college transfer can be found at here. In addition, here are links to transfer admissions for each college or university:

Will institutions require the SAT or ACT for admission for fall 2022?

Washington’s public four-year college and universities are permanently SAT and ACT test optional. Students will not be penalized during the admissions process nor will student eligibility for institutional supported scholarships, course placement or admissions to Honors programs be impacted due to the absence of a SAT or ACT standardized test score.

What if I’m interested in applying for a later term, such as winter 2022 or fall 2023?

It’s never too early to begin your college search! One great way to learn more about our campuses is to get on their mailing list. This will help you keep up to date on important deadlines, tours and events in your area, and more. Below are links to individual campus mailing lists:

Can I defer admission to a later term if accepted?

We recommend that you check with each specific college or university regarding their policy on deferred admission. In addition, please check with each institution if you believe you have extenuating circumstances.

Is financial aid still available?

Yes. High school and transfer students should apply as soon as possible, but no earlier than October 1, 2021 for financial aid for the 2022-23 academic year. The first step is to complete either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA).

How do I apply for financial aid?

There are several different types of financial aid – including grants, scholarships, and loans – from a number of sources. Check with your high school counselor or a financial aid administrator at your college about state and college sources of student aid and deadlines.

Also, additional information on student financial aid is available on the Washington Student Achievement Council website.

My or my family’s financial situation has changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Can I/we be considered for additional aid?

Washington’s public four-year college and universities understand that financial circumstances may have changed or may change in the coming months. This can include the loss of a job or other reductions in income. If that’s your situation, please reach out to the financial aid office at your intended college or university. Links to financial aid offices at COP member campuses as well as the U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid are below:

Are campus visits, tours, and information sessions offered in person?

Whether you are an incoming freshman or transfer student, visiting one of our beautiful campuses is often the best way to determine whether or not it is a good fit for you. You can drop in on a class, take a tour led by a student ambassador, speak with an admissions counselor, and learn more about the many outstanding academic programs and experiential learning and social activities across our sector. Given that pandemic-related guidelines and directives can change from one city and region to another, we strongly recommend that you visit the home page for the campus you would like to visit in advance to ensure they are currently offering in-person visits and tours. In some cases, advance registration and proof of COVID-19 vaccination may be required. Links to individual campus tour pages are below. Note that all our campuses offer virtual tours for those who are unable to attend in person.

Contact Information

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