About the Council

The Council of Presidents (COP) is a voluntary association of Washington’s six public baccalaureate degree granting college and universities.  Located in Olympia, WA, COP strives to be a common voice for the public baccalaureate sector and the most respected and trusted resource for decision makers on issues affecting public higher education. COP serves as the coordinating role for a number of initiatives and activities common to the public baccalaureate institutions, fostering coordination and collaboration among the public baccalaureates as well as with other educational partners, both in Washington and nationally.


Each year on July 1 a different president assumes the role of COP chair. The chairs of all COP committees also rotate on the same schedule. Below are the current members of The Council of Presidents.

  • Helping to gain a better understanding,

    discuss challenges,

    and share best practices.

    Washington State Higher Education Conference on Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Event Details

    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2014




Council of Presidents Staff

In the News

Gov. Jay Inslee proposed his 2015-17 budget

Gov. Jay Inslee declared today “it is time to reinvest in Washington” as he proposed his 2015–17 Operating Budget , Transportation Budget and Capital Budgets.
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State Universities Call for Reinvestment to Bolster Student Access and Success

Washington’s public college and universities are jointly requesting a $198 million state investment over the next two years to expand student access and increase
degree production in high demand fields to support the state economy
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Education funding needs to be for more than K-12

As state lawmakers address mandates to boost funding for kindergarten through 12th grade schools, they must also consider the needs of early learning and higher education students.
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